I want to create a coaching culture in my organization.

If this is you:

“I want to get coach training for my organization.”

here’s how I could help you…

As coaching is an art, learning to coach requires more than education and training. I’ve learned that to be effective, an in-house coach training program for managers must provide the following:

  • On-going actions and support over time, at least 3 to 6 months
  • Opportunity for learners to discuss openly their true concerns about coaching
  • Learning and insights relevant to the learners’ current stage in learning coaching
  • Opportunities for feedback on their coaching and increased self-awareness of their style
  • Linkage to the learners’ personal desires, vision and goals as a manager-coach
  • An organizational framework that supports a coaching culture, clarifies roles and guides the coaching
  • Foundational management skills such as delegating, motivation, giving and receiving feedback.

I recommend three different support systems for helping managers learn to coach. Each can be used individually or in combination depending on the pace of change and the size of the group you want to influence.

1. Coach Training Workshops

The Secrets of the Successful Manager Workshop is a two-day workshop designed to teach managers to coach with a follow-up review of action implementation after 2 months. The program is held every few months in Hong Kong. If you have a group of at least 8 people, I recommend customizing this workshop to create a complete program that perfectly suits your needs.

2. Group Coach Training Programs

For cost-effective and efficient development of coaching skills, group coaching programs can be very effective and have the added benefits of strengthening group identity, building trust, openness and shared culture among the learners. Group coaching provides live demonstration and modelling of the coaching process while sharing challenges and learning among a peer group. The organization must be ready to create the required level of openness for the program to be effective. For larger companies, mixed groups from different departments can be very effective. Programs are custom designed to align with the company culture and policies. Group coaching programs are often used to provide on-going support following a Coach Training Workshop.

3. Mentor Coaching

I coach managers who are coaching their direct-reports to coach their staff. For Senior Managers in particular, it is very useful to have a neutral, external sounding board who can add another perspective as to what could be changed in order to fully support the managers in their coaching. If the Senior Manager can set a very strong example for coaching, the lower ranks will more easily follow. For details, please see Executive Coaching.

Why I might be the one to help you…

  • I’ve worked with several different organizations to teach coaching, particularly to managers who wish to coach their staff and/or use coaching skills within their role as a manager.

  • As a Mentor Coach I have coached more than 20 professional coaches and understand the learning stages for new coaches.

  • I’m resident in Hong Kong and have experience coaching and training with many different cultures in Asia. Therefore I easily understand the unique challenges of coaching in organizations in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other SE Asian countries.

  • I have developed a coaching model that is instructive for beginners and flexible enough for use in a variety of management situations. This model is therefore an effective way to teach coaching that can be used as a common language for coaching within an organization.

  • I design customized programs that meet the needs of specific organizations in terms of existing culture, desired outcomes, current policies and procedures, past experiences and budget.

  • I also offer public programs teaching managers how to coach.

What else you might need:

If you need help with the organizational development aspects of introducing coaching to your organization, I can recommend a very experienced organizational change consultant who frequently collaborates with me on joint projects.

If you are looking for training and coaching delivery in Mandarin or Cantonese, I can recommend other experienced coaches who frequently partner with me.

Recent Coach Manager Training Projects:

Working with some associates, I designed a coach training program for managers located across SE Asia and China. The program involves some pre-course study, a two and a half day workshop, action planning with peer support and a follow-up teleconference. The program is designed to teach coaching skills, while putting them in the context of the company’s own performance management system. Two pilot programs were delivered with feedback and revisions following each one to produce a final program that perfectly fits the client’s needs. The program will be delivered to groups of 20 throughout the next two years.

Working with an organizational change consultant/coach as my partner, I designed and delivered a one and a half day coach training workshop for a group of 9 top managers for the China branch of a German-based pharmaceutical company. We included the development of a custom coaching model which can be used as they trickle-down the coaching system throughout the organization. The project will continue with more short workshops, group coaching and individual support as we assist the organization to fully implement a learning culture.

To learn how my work could contribute to your organization, please email or call 852 8103-7326.