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The Empathy & Solidarity Circle is a regular online drop-in conversation where we practice empathizing with others’ points of view and expressing our true views and feelings in a safe, open and confidential environment.


Our IntentionsEmpathy & Solidarity Circle logo

1) To co-create a safe, accepting and confidential space
2) To strengthen our emotional capacity for empathy and authenticity
3) To practice regularly

The Benefits

Develop your ability to empathize.

  • Empathy is one of the leading skills that organizational leaders want to develop. It is an essential practice for forming and motivating intelligent, collaborative and diverse teams. Empathy allows for non-judgmental awareness which underpins clear seeing and wise decision-making.

Grow your capacity to be vulnerable.

  • Self-disclosure and vulnerability are the path to genuine self-confidence and required practices for creating deep collaboration.

Experience a feeling of solidarity, even with strangers.

  • By sharing our true experiences and allowing space for others to be themselves, we create a sense of safety, solidarity, confidence and hope.

For Who?

if you have a sincere intention to develop more powerful listening and empathy while being open and vulnerable to others, you are welcome to join us. Mostly we are coaches, consultants, managers, artists, healers and meditators based in Hong Kong and we are open to all who share our intentions.


First we slow down and get present together with a guided self-awareness meditation. Then we follow a simple structure for conversations in groups of 2 or 3, sharing how we feel and what is important to us, focusing in the present moment. We close with a full group sharing, always ending promptly.

The design of these sessions is influenced by Transformational Coaching, Insight Dialogue, Collective Presencing, Circling and the psychological and spiritual knowledge that these practices stand on.


Every Friday, 10am to 11am Hong Kong time (except public holidays) until September 10th, 2021.

The Empathy & Intuition Masterclass will cover this time  slot from Sept. 17 to Nov. 5, 2021 


Past participants in the Circle have confirmed this:

  • “The most valuable was realness of the conversations and connection.”
  • “It made me see our commonalities and made me feel less alone with my feelings.”
  • “Truly coming free of expectations and notes to be taken… simply and fully showing up to be present …”
  • “Having the space to feel into what is happening within myself and being witnessed by others.”
  • “It’s hard to explain. It was like magic.”

Next Steps

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We look forward to welcoming you! Join once or every week, as you choose! 


Thank you for joining me as a co-creator of empathy and solidarity. If you would like to donate to encourage and support this work, please visit this page.