I want to develop coaching skills and a coaching culture within our management team.

Developing coaching skills and a coaching culture within an organization is a worldwide trend among progressive organizations as society develops in the information age. It is one of the best ways to:

  • engage and retain high potential employees
  • build a culture of innovation
  • rapidly develop leadership capacity

I have worked closely with several multi-national organizations to develop their coaching capacity for a variety of specific goals. I work best to support a Managing Director or CEO and his/her human resources team to develop custom programs that have an impact over a timeframe of several years.

For specific projects, I enlist support from highly skilled associates to add expertise in organizational development, relevant languages and locations as appropriate.

Some of my past projects include:

Leadership Development in the Greater China Branch of a Multi-National Corporation

This 2-year culture change program began with development of the senior leadership team. They created a leadership model based on a collaborative and empowering style with the intention of increasing employee engagement, creativity and improving company results. The leadership team received training in coaching skills and cascaded the coaching approach to their immediate reports. Selected senior team members also received one-on-one coaching including the Managing Director.

As a result, both sales and quality results improved significantly in the second year of the program.

Coaching Approach to Leadership in the Hong Kong Branch of a Multi-National

This program also began with development of the senior leadership team starting with emotional intelligence, personality assessment, team building, and later coaching skills. The coaching approach was used in all senior and middle level performance and developmental conversations. Group coaching was used to sustain the development of the coaching approach. After 3 years, organisational changes disrupted the program, but key managers continue to build their skills and practice with the coaching approach. As a result, they continue to see the benefits of higher staff initiative, responsibility and creativity.

Coaching with Performance Appraisal Systems for the Southeast Asian Region of Multi-National Corporation

This management and leadership capacity building program used a coaching approach to develop junior managerial talent, and to improve the quality of managerial support for the existing performance appraisal system. The program originated from France and was redesigned to fit Asia Pacific needs through a regional pilot project. The 4-month long series of training workshops and group coaching was rolled out in 4 Southeast Asian countries through a team of coaches. A second coach training program trained managers to use a coaching approach for performance and development conversations. The programs instilled new levels of self-awareness and responsibility in the young managers leading to improved staff retention.