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Client Feedback

I found Angela to be an amazing coach! She uses the skills of listening and questioning extremely well, demonstrates empathy and understanding at all times, and knows when to challenge me or ask for my commitment to action. She is non-judgmental, positive, and completely trustworthy. I recommend Angela highly because she is honest, has integrity and is well respected in the Hong Kong market. She is well trained, experienced and ‘walks the talk’.

Learning and Development Manager

Finance Industry

Besides her excellent practical coaching skills, Angela is a very resourceful person for everything related to coaching. She is extremely well connected and helped us find coaches for a number of colleagues in different locations. She also conducted (together with a colleague) a coaching training for our management team in China which was very much liked by the participants. And it was effective with a medium and long term impact.

Managing Director

Pharmaceuticals Industry

I don’t think any of us could have imagined how far we would come, and that such important, radical change would be possible for our team, even one year ago.

Chief Marketing Officer

Educational Institute

Even though I was talking to Angela about my problems, all the solutions were coming out of my mouth. I found it very empowering. I might have overcome my problems without a coach, but not within months. It might have taken years to sort out the root of my problems.

Godfrey Chu


I feel a big difference since I started the coaching. I’m more sure of myself and have more insight into things. Before, I used to brush off my emotions. Now I can look at them, analyze them and deal with the situation. I’m no longer too proud or cowardly to tell people what is bothering me. Before everything was a problem and now I have a just a few little problems.

Business Manager

As a coach, Angela helped me understand and discover areas in my behaviours and beliefs which may influence how I interact with others as a leader. She also helped me explore alternative means by which improvements could be made. Angela has demonstrated to be a very capable and professional coach and has provided very good guidance and support in the course of the coaching. 

General Manager, Information Technology

Logistics Industry

You have a way of understanding the complexity of what I’m saying and then making it crystal clear for me.

Senior Executive

Finance Industry

More than a year after we first met, I’ve interacted with many, many coaches, and in my mind, the growth I have experienced in your presence and community really stands out above all.

Liane Siu Slaughter, Ph.D.

Researcher, Consultant and Coach

Before starting the coaching, I did not expect to learn so much about myself. Angela’s approach was non-intimidating, yet effective and assuring.

Chief Risk Officer

Insurance Industy

You have a great way about you that makes everyone very comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics.”

Sourcing Manager

Action Sports Industry

Angela helped me to see my own strengths and abilities that I don’t normally see myself.  She is very supportive and always non-judgmental.

Small Business Owner

Hong Kong

I really appreciate our conversations, as you always manage to help me see things in a different light, which somehow makes this difficult process easier. Our discussion the previous week … was especially powerful. I think that is a life-long lesson that I will come back to repeatedly.

Senior Executive

Finance Industry

My colleagues have noticed the difference in me in the past 6 months since I started coaching. I don’t take things so seriously and I don’t get involved when I don’t need to. I can delegate better and I let my staff handle their issues by themselves. My doctor was very surprised that my health is excellent now. [He had high blood pressure.]

Social Services Manager

With your way of coaching you created an unconscious self-reflection that was impressive to observe for myself.

Clinical Research Manager

Angela has a gift for probing gently yet with laser accuracy, asking the right questions, challenging me to notice where I’m sabotaging myself, encouraging me to see things differently and prodding me to stay on track. She also demonstrates a rare balance of left-brain, down-to-earth business common sense and heart-felt joy and compassion.        

Small Business Owner

Hong Kong

You’ve really helped me to turn things around. Now I’m making an effort to do things and speak up positively for what I want. You put some points in my head that really helped, especially ‘What are you going to do about it?’

Information Technology Consultant

Your patience, thoughtfulness, kindness and empathy – just a few of your incredible traits that has helped me, personally, feel so supported and safe throughout our time together.

Chief of Staff, Educational Institute

I have been working with Angela for close to a year and found her to be an excellent coach – she has a unique ability to be both reassuringly supportive and constructively critical at the same time. Her probing questions forced me to re-examine the decisions I took and why, helping me to better understand both what drives me and the people that work for me.

Managing Director

Media Industry