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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development from Hong Kong

Leadership Presence, Empathy, Intuition and Mindfulness Training

Angela Spaxman offers public programs to support leaders, managers, coaches, counsellors, social workers and business owners to develop leadership presence, empathy and intuition through mindfulness practices in dialogue.

Current Programs:

Empathy and Solidarity Practice Group

Weekly Drop-in Mindful Listening and Authenticity Practice

Empathy and Intuition Masterclass

September to November 2021 every Friday at 10am to 11:30am on Zoom

Mindfulness in Dialogue

March to May 2022 on Tuesday at lunchtimes

“With your way of coaching you created an unconscious self-reflection that was impressive to observe for myself.”

Clinical Research Manager

“You have a great way about you that makes everyone very comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics”

Sourcing Manager, Action Sports Industry 

“Your patience, thoughtfulness, kindness and empathy – just a few of your incredible traits that has helped me, personally, feel so supported and safe throughout our time together.”

Chief of Staff, Educational Institute