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An online course for coaches, counsellors, therapists, consultants, teachers, and leaders

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In a world in flux, intelligence means paying attention to a wider range of input, without being overwhelmed by information. Therefore, leaders and those supporting leaders need to build personal resilience to stay open despite feeling anger, anxiety, or despair. And to make sense of ‘too much information’, they need to tap-in to more subtle ways of knowing, including knowing themselves (minds, hearts, and bodies), learning from others (empathetic listening) and knowing their own knowledge (intuition). 

In this 7-week course, I will introduce and we will practice together the fundamentals of mindful and embodied listening such that we experience how intelligence emerges from our interconnection.  This course will equip you to listen more effectively. It will break down some barriers you didn’t know you had related to being authentically true to yourself. It will give you a glimpse into the wisdom of bodies, hearts, and minds in connection. The course will include between-session assignments to embed the learning in your every day life. 

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Who the Course is for:

  • Coaches, counsellors, therapists, teachers or consultants who are expanding their capacity to serve their clients through authentic connection
  • Business leaders or entrepreneurs who are ready to serve their teams and build their businesses through authentic connection
  • Participants in the Empathy & Solidarity Circle who are keen to continue practicing and growing further

Expected Benefits

  • Increase your capacity to connect with yourself and others
  • Discover how mindful embodiment reduces personal stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Transform emotional blocks that limit listening, acceptance, and authenticity
  • Experience the joy of mindful relating
  • Join a growing community of mutually supportive practitioners 

About the Facilitator/Teacher:

Angela Spaxman has been exercising her empathy and intuition as a leadership coach, facilitator, and entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Deeply committed to continuing development, she has been studying and practicing ways to see more clearly and to help her clients grow as they move towards their career, leadership, and life goals. In this course she brings together insights and practices from transformational coaching, radical embodiment, systemic intelligence, patterns of human evolution, and Insight Dialogue meditation. Angela is a highly experienced online group facilitator having hosted more than 40 public online meetings for the Empathy & Solidarity Circle since 2020. She is also a peer facilitator with the Hong Kong Insight Dialogue facilitator training cohort. She brings a warm and grounded presence to create valuable and joyful interconnections.

Session Topics:

  1. Creating Relational Space
  2. Tuning in
  3. Opening and Accepting
  4. Attuning to the Present Moment
  5. Listening with the Whole Body and Speaking the Truth Authentically
  6. Feeling into Empathy
  7. Tuning into Intuition


Fridays, 10am to 11:30am on Zoom

  • September 17, 24
  • October 8, 15, 22, 29
  • November 5


For HKICC Members: HK$3300

If fees are a barrier for you and you are committed to attending all sessions, please contact Angela to make some other arrangements. 

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Participant numbers will be limited. Please register early to avoid disappointment. 

More Information:

All sessions will be held in a private Zoom room. You are requested to share your video with others as much as possible. You will be practicing listening and sharing throughout the sessions, so please make sure you join from a private space where you will not be interrupted. For the best online experience, we recommend using a laptop or tablet rather than a smartphone.

The parts of the session held in the main Zoom room will be recorded for anyone who may need to miss one or to review. All recordings are to be kept confidential. Practice sessions in the breakout rooms will not be recorded. 

Any other questions? Please email Angela