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Leadership for a Transforming World

Growing Your Capacity to Lead

Your capacity to lead depends on your ability to stay present, clear and in touch with your wisest self even when facing pressure, uncertainty and responsibility.

Every leader is different in terms of what strengths they bring to their role, how they can best build their capacity to face any challenge with equanimity and wisdom, and what triggers them to fall into less optimum behaviours. Our work together is first to explore and understand who you are and what you want.

I support you by continuously cultivating a safe, open space for us to explore freely into all aspects of your leadership and life experience: mind, body, heart and spirit. By being relaxed and open together, you are free to be completely yourself and we will tap into your greatest strengths, hidden capacities and greatest contributions.

Let’s talk. I’ll listen to understand your situation and needs, and describe what I recommend for your situation and expectations.

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My Coaching Approach

My coaching approach draws from many different sources collected over decades of experience working with leaders in Hong Kong and around the world. I use all the developmental methods that I offer on myself first! And I experiment with different leadership roles in commercial, non-profit and volunteer settings, so that I gain experiences related to the most progressive leadership models available.

I am dedicated to continuously improving my capacity to be with you as a calm, clear, wise, supportive presence. I do that through my personal practices of meditation, relational mindfulness (Insight Dialogue) and emotional co-regulation. 

Here’s a list of the adult development theories and models that inform me when I work with you: Action Logics, Integral Theory, STAGES, Leadership Agility, The Leadership Circle, Vertical Development, Paradox Theory, Coach U’s Personal Foundation Program, somatic emotional processing, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Results Coaching Systems, Marshall Goldsmith systems, ontological coaching, integral philosophy and more. My coaching approach is based on the IAC Coaching Masteries®, developed by the International Association of Coaching and designed to create transformational experiences for personal and professional awareness, discovery and growth.


I offer customized coaching support including one-off coaching sessions, coaching programs and on-going support. I can meet you in-person in Hong Kong, indoor or outdoor, or by video conference. I offer the world’s best leadership assessment tools and feedback processes. Let’s talk.

“I found Angela to be an amazing coach! She uses the skills of listening and questioning extremely well, demonstrates empathy and understanding at all times, and knows when to challenge me or ask for my commitment to action. She is non-judgmental, positive, and completely trustworthy. I recommend Angela highly because she is honest, has integrity and is well respected in the Hong Kong market. She is well trained, experienced and ‘walks the talk’.” 

Finance Industry Learning and Development Manager 

“Even though I was talking to Angela about my problems, all the solutions were coming out of my mouth. I found it very empowering. I might have overcome my problems without a coach, but not within months. It might have taken years to sort out the root of my problems 

Godfrey Chu, Consultant 

“You have a way of understanding the complexity of what I’m saying and then making it crystal clear for me.” 

Senior Executive, Finance Industry

“I feel a big difference since I started the coaching. I’m more sure of myself and have more insight into things. Before, I used to brush off my emotions. Now I can look at them, analyze them and deal with the situation. I’m no longer too proud or cowardly to tell people what is bothering me. Before everything was a problem and now I have just a few little problems.” 

Business Manager 

“Before starting the coaching, I did not expect to learn so much about myself. Angela’s approach was non-intimidating, yet effective and assuring.” 

Chief Risk Officer for an insurance company 

“I really appreciate our conversations, as you always manage to help me see things in a different light, which somehow makes this difficult process easier. Our discussion the previous week … was especially powerful. I think that is a life-long lesson that I will come back to repeatedly.” 

Senior Executive, Finance Industry 

“I have been working with Angela for close to a year and found her to be an excellent coach – she has a unique ability to be both reassuringly supportive and constructively critical at the same time. Her probing questions forced me to re-examine the decisions I took and why, helping me to better understand both what drives me and the people that work for me.” 

Managing Director, Media Industry 

Sample Coaching Achievements

From Salesman to COO

A talented and experienced salesman and creative, entrepreneurial thinker was given the chance to be promoted to COO of a regional insurance business in Asia. He needed to significantly improve his ability to focus, set and follow priorities, delegate effectively and have more gravitas to lead the whole team. Through a program of executive coaching, he formed new working habits and behaviours and was able to successfully transition to the new role. Within 6 months he had secured the trust of his boss and the respect of his team. He reduced overhead costs per employee by 36% and recovered HK$1 million in aged debts.

From Aggressive Technical Manager to Self-aware Strategic Business Leader

The highly motivated and technically competent Regional IT Manager was at risk of derailing when her supervisor retired and was replaced by a manager with a very different management style. The management change meant that she needed to take more ownership and initiative to build, motivate and empower a multi-cultural regional team Through a 6 month executive coaching program, she transformed from a technically proficient executor to a business leader. In particular she began to manage effectively within different cultures, to delegate more fully and to take a visionary and purposeful stance rather than simply solving problems. Her transformation eliminated $3 million in projected turnover costs related to her and her team.

From Soft-spoken Technical Manager to Passionate Business Leader

The Hong Kong-based Managing Director of the Asian office of a multinational telecommunications company was derailing. He was lacking clear initiative, decisiveness and confidence in driving his business. He was becoming increasingly isolated and had lost his motivation to take action to improve his division. Through a nine-month executive coaching program, he turned around his attitude and was able to revive the trust of his supervisor and reignite his own passion for driving the business in his team. He reorganized his team’s structure, initiated new communications training programs to strengthen team culture while eliminating $1 million in projected turnover costs.