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Leadership for a Transforming World

Photo credit to Sophie Bonnin-Rocher

The world is changing. In our lifetimes, we have never faced such an intense period of global change that touches all aspects of our lives and businesses. Through breakdowns, losses and profound opportunities, we are being called to face up to this challenge, and to find within ourselves our best responses.

What does it mean for each of us to meet this challenge? What is that ‘best self’ that the world needs us to express? What are the inner capacities that we can discover and cultivate?

Leveraging on the best leadership assessment tools in the industry, and in her third decade in the practices of coaching, leadership and spiritual development, Angela Spaxman partners with purpose-driven leaders to unleash the fullest expression of themselves in service to what matters.

If you’re ready to experience your next level of leadership effectiveness, let’s talk.

Grow Your Capacity to Lead

For individual leadership development coaching services.

Elevate Your Organization's Leadership Effectiveness

For developing leadership teams, groups or cohorts.

Presence, Empathy and Intuition Training

Public courses for leaders and coaches.

Client Feedback

Besides her excellent practical coaching skills, Angela is a very resourceful person for everything related to coaching. She is extremely well connected and helped us find coaches for a number of colleagues in different locations. She also conducted (together with a colleague) a coaching training for our management team in China which was very much liked by the participants. And it was effective with a medium and long term impact.

Managing Director

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Angela has a gift for probing gently yet with laser accuracy, asking the right questions, challenging me to notice where I’m sabotaging myself, encouraging me to see things differently and prodding me to stay on track. She also demonstrates a rare balance of left-brain, down-to-earth business common sense and heart-felt joy and compassion.

Small Business Owner

Hong Kong

I feel a big difference since I started the coaching. I’m more sure of myself and have more insight into things. Before, I used to brush off my emotions. Now I can look at them, analyze them and deal with the situation. I’m no longer too proud or cowardly to tell people what is bothering me. Before everything was a problem and now I have a just a few little problems.

Business Manager

Hong Kong