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A PORT IN THE STORM – Introduction to Relational Mindfulness

Change and uncertainty is stressful and can impair your clarity, performance and resilience over time. It’s essential for busy people to find a port in the storm, so you can rest and regroup, and chart your way forward while standing in a place of calm and presence.

Re-enter life with greater calm and perspective

In this 3 session course, you will experience how to create a port in the storm for yourself with your peers. You will learn how to relax into deep listening and feel a calm, open, reflective internal state. Through mindful dialogue and self-awareness practices, you will tap into the deeper stability, presence and intelligence that supports more conscious leadership. Relational mindfulness skills are transferable to your daily life, opening a door to more calm, connectivity, and creativity at work.

When and Where

Three 2-hour sessions, or a half-day workshop.
To arrange a program for your group or organization, let’s talk.

What to Expect
Each session will include an opening guided meditation, small group dialogue practices and sharing of insights.

For Who
People managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants, coaches, professionals and anyone who wants to learn a convenient and powerful method for bringing more mindfulness into life.


  • Develop your capacity for mindfulness and self-awareness in the face of disruption
  • Practice the skill of deep listening
  • Experience relational spaces that invite deep pausing and authentic presence
  • Tap into your inner resources for stability, presence and adaptability

The Evidence*

Mindful people:

  • Improve their own well-being and are less reactive
  • Learn to observe and reframe their thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviours making them more agile
  • Develop increased awareness, resourcefulness, interconnection and grounding in values

“The course was like a sanctuary in our busy city life.

Your Facilitators

Angela Spaxman

​Angela Spaxman is an executive coach specializing in leadership development for the international business community in Hong Kong. Throughout her 20-year career as a coach and entrepreneur, she has been a progressive influence, raising awareness to the value of coaching, leadership development, and mindfulness. She is inspired to share the benefits of the overlapping fields of transformational coaching, embodiment, and Insight Dialogue in support of developing minds and hearts that are ready to meet the challenges of our times.

Any other questions? Please email Angela.

Genevieve Heng

Gen is a Mindfulness Teacher and Coach. Formerly a medical doctor and HR leader, her career has been guided by the exploration of what it means to live and lead well. She combines a science backed and experiential approach, with the practical and accessible real world applications of Mindfulness in the areas of personal growth, well being, leadership development and effective action in the world. Read more about Gen here.

“A Port in the Storm gave me the opportunity in only 3 sessions to build up a strategy to re-charge and adjust myself by making me conscious about the potential of practical tools easy to set.  I strongly recommend it to the one who are ready to change for a better life.”

Eric – Head of Learning & Development

* References:
Donaldson-Feilder, E., Lewis, R., Yarker, J., Whiley, L. (2021) Interpersonal Mindfulness in leadership Development: A Delphi Study.
Reitz, M., Chaskalson, M., Olivier, S., & Waller, L. (2016) The mindful leader: Developing the capacity for resilience and collaboration in complex times through mindfulness practice.



A Port in the Storm gave me the opportunity in only 3 sessions to build up a strategy to re-charge and adjust myself by making me conscious about the potential of practical tools easy to set.

I strongly recommend it to anyone who is ready to change for a better life.

– Eric, Head of Learning & Development

I believe that the ability to dialogue is increasingly fundamental and more valued in the business world; therefore, I consider this course to be very useful for the development of a professional career. I think (I hope) I have improved in my interactions with other people, both in 1:1 conversations and in groups / meetings.

– Business Manager

If you like to calm your mind, relax your body, if you like to focus within a short time in your week, if you like to raise your level of self-awareness, your energy and widen your consciousness around what is happening for you internally when in connection with yourself but also with others, then this course is for you!

– Professional Life Coach

The practice of noticing ‘how my feelings feel’ has been transformative. I have learnt to listen, to hear, and to connect more deeply to others through staying committed to present moment awareness.

– Foundation Manager/Facilitator

This work changes us and can affect people around us.

– Entrepreneur

It was very peaceful, insightful and mindful.

– Corporate Learning and Development Consultant