I want to raise the effectiveness of leaders in our organization.

I offer a ‘best-in-class’ program for high-level leadership development leveraging on The Leadership Circle Profile (a 360 degree survey tool), individual coaching and stakeholder engagement processes. This process brings high returns on investment when applied to the leaders who make the most difference in your organization.

In complex, dynamic organizations leaders must be more than just experts, more than team motivators; they must be able to act as catalysts that unleash the deeper potential of people in their organization, while meeting the constantly changing needs of customers and society.

In their book, Leadership Agility, Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs describe how leaders can mature through five stages of development. But most leaders do not progress past the first or second stage. Special conditions are required to create the challenge and support needed to reach those higher levels. And yet those higher levels are demanded by the complexity of global organizations.

 The Leadership Circle Profile provides the wake-up call many leaders need to live up to their full potential. Masterful coaching provides the insight and support needed to make the conceptual and behavioural changes. Stakeholder engagement provides the glue to make the changes stick and to maximize the benefit to the organization.

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