To compliment and enhance my coaching services, I offer two kinds of third-party assessments.

1) Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments are an excellent tool for accelerating and deepening your self-awareness in relation to career and leadership development. The Assessments provide detailed and accurate information on your personal traits, strengths, preferences, paradoxes and inconsistencies.

I recommend these assessments for almost all my clients to accelerate their self-awareness and help them make decisions about their career and leadership roles.

Please contact Angela for more information or to set up your assessments.

2) The Leadership Circle 360° Profile

This is the best-in-class 360° survey tool that collects stakeholder feedback and delivers it in a high-impact format. While most survey tools collects information on leadership competencies alone, The Leadership Circle (TLC) also assesses internal assumptions and indicates the leader’s stage of development.

I recommend this assessment for anyone who is ready to receive feedback on their leadership performance from sub-ordinates, colleagues, supervisors and/or customers. For those who are serious about leadership development, this is the essential tool.

The Leadership Circle 360° Profile Package includes:

  • Pre-assessment consultation and support;
  • Your choice of raters;
  • Fully automated online system;
  • Printed report including vivid graphic display of the results and written commentary from your raters;
  • Debriefing and follow-up coaching to leverage your results.

Please contact Angela for more information.