Executive Coaching Services

When you want to create extraordinary shifts in leadership ability and organizational culture, transformational coaching is an essential service. We have been providing transformational coaching services in Hong Kong and the region since 2000.

Our Approach

Our coaching approach is based on the IAC Coaching Masteries®, developed by the International Association of Coaching and designed to create transformational experiences for personal and professional awareness, discovery and growth.

We abide by internationally accepted coaching standards, in particular the IAC Code of Ethics and the Hong Kong International Coaching Community’s Coaching Standards.

Angela Spaxman has an eclectic coaching philosophy drawing from many different sources to serve her clients. The models she uses include adult development theory (Action Logics, Spiral Dynamics, Leadership Agility, The Leadership Circle), Paradox Theory, Coach U’s Personal Foundation Program, somatic emotional processing, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Results Coaching Systems, Marshall Goldsmith systems, ontological coaching, integral philosophy and more.

Preferred Clients

  • International senior managers and professionals who want to breakthrough to higher levels of leadership development
  • Senior and middle managers learning to inspire, empower and develop their staff with a coaching approach
  • Executives and managers who want to increase their influence in the organization
  • Managers who want to use mindfulness to improve their resilience, effectiveness and creativity
  • Organizations working to create cultures with increased resilience, effectiveness, creativity and collaboration.

Standard One-on-one Executive Coaching Packages include:

  • Pre-coaching consultation and expectation-setting with the coach, client and corporate sponsor
  • Assessments, stakeholder interviews and/or direct observations
  • Joint and/or individual goal-setting
  • Regularly scheduled 60-90 minute coaching sessions over a 9 to 12 month period
  • Unlimited support by email and brief phone calls
  • Post-coaching consultation
  • Use of hundreds of programs, check-lists, self-assessments, referrals and other training materials as relevant

Additional Services:

Return on Investment Evaluation

  • This specialized executive coaching service is designed to assess the return on investment from a particular coaching program. This service is available as a 12-month program for senior executives and managers.

Mindfulness Training

  • We offer training in mindfulness to help our clients develop the levels of self-awareness and intentionality required to operate at higher stages of leadership development.

Group Coaching

  • Group coaching is an excellent method for cost-effective leadership and culture development initiatives. Group coaching programs are designed with consideration for organizational goals, development needs, topics and culture.

Group Facilitation

  • Angela Spaxman partners with organizations to custom design and deliver large group meeting facilitation for the purposes of strategic planning, team-building or merger integration.