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A Hong Kong-based executive coach specializing in leadership development for C-level, senior and mid-level managers and entrepreneurs.

Peeling the Shallot – A Contemplation on Learning

After 30 years (or 55 years depending how you count) of personal development, I have reached a point where I finally really understand and fully believe the cliché that we never stop ‘peeling the onion’ to reach deeper layers of …

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Agility and Empowerment through Distributed Power

–The Top 5 Features of Holacracy that Any Manager Can Implement Now– I spent a year in 2016 -17 working as Co-Founder in a start-up venture using a distributed power system, Holacracy, as the company operating system. I’ve already written …

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Should Your Organization Invest in Self-Management?

Self-management represents a positive evolution in the way organizations are managed. Also referred to as Distributed Leadership, and  as one of the key elements of ‘Teal’ organizing systems, it promises to harness creativity, agility and resilience in organizations by distributing …

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Leadership Blindness and Holacracy

Whenever people ask me what I’ve learned through the process of implementing Holacracy in my start-up organization over the past year, I like to begin by saying that it’s not possible to understand Holacracy solely by reading about it. There is …

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Leading in a Decline

I’ve been working with a large global organization that has laid off 10,000 people in the past 12 months and is desperately trying not to repeat that number in the coming months. So I currently have an inside seat on the challenges and opportunities that go along with such disruption. With the huge changes that are inevitably coming in the global market –no, business as we know it is not sustainable– it makes sense to learn how to lead when old ways of doing business go down the drain…

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Spring 2016 Brings Changes, New Projects

It’s time for me to look up from my desktop to catch you up. Here are a few things that have been getting my attention lately. Loving Your Work Website Relaunch We relaunched the Loving Your Work website with a …

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Clarity and Confidence for 2016

Clarity is power! When you know clearly what you want, where you are headed and your next steps for getting there, you automatically feel much more confident. This type of confidence –grounded in your own desires– is one of the …

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Insights from Paris

The tragedies in Paris 2015 provoked in me a flurry of reading in my attempt to make some sense from the pain. This article is a guide to some of the best thought leadership I discovered on the topic of …

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How Effective is Your Leadership?

Leadership effectiveness means using our leadership behaviours to create the results we want efficiently. It’s relatively simple to measure our results, but how can we really know if our leadership communications and activities are adding value or if how-effective-leaderour teams and followers are succeeding despite our efforts?

We Cannot Know…

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I Don’t Know What I Am Doing

How often do you stop to notice what you’re doing? Once a day? Once an hour? Are you always or never actually aware of what you’re doing? Your brain is exposed through your senses to 11 million bits of information …

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