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Suddenly Hong Kong has changed and we are forced to adapt to new ways of thinking and being. In addition, the world is changing and we face uncertainty and disruption in many aspects of our lives. Change brings huge opportunities to transform for the better and yet we need to stand on a foundation of wellness in order to leverage on the opportunities for change.

How can we consistently and continuously stay well enough to make the best possible decisions and take the most potent actions during this time of such uncertainty? We need to be conscious (not in denial), we need to be able to let go (not trying to control what can’t be controlled) and we need to be clear-headed (not lost in emotions, even unconsciously). When we see, feel and accept ourselves and our situations fully, we empower ourselves to find much better solutions that are grounded in the (uncomfortable) reality of this moment.

As a leadership coach, I have been training for more than 20 years to evoke these qualities in conversations with my clients so that they can make the best possible decisions for themselves. Since April 2020 I have been hosting a series of group conversations where we practice creating this same kind of safe space for each other. The results have been beyond my expectations in terms of how powerful a short conversation can be when the structure supports emotional openness and acceptance.

Sharing emotions openly with strangers is not what we normally do. And yet within our safe, confidential setting, and with mutual encouragement, we have been proving it can be done and that the results can be powerful. This kind of sharing is the fastest way to move into clarity and confidence. Everyone who joins us is free to step-in to the degree of openness they choose for themselves, without judgment.

And so, now I am offering three mid-day online drop-in sessions of the Empathy & Solidarity Circle. Please register through the links below.

  1. Wednesday July 8, 11am to noon
  2. Thursday July 16, noon to 1pm
  3. Wednesday July 22, 11am to noon

What difference would it make to have 1-hour of focused empathy and solidarity in your day?
What effect would it have on the clarity and confidence of the decisions you make during your week?


1) To co-create a safe, accepting and confidential space
2) To strengthen our emotional capacity for wise decision-making
3) To do this as an efficient one-hour online drop-in group practice

When we pay attention with loving acceptance to our feelings and emotions, they move. This means we get unstuck and feel better. Paying attention in this way requires us to slow down, which is also soothing and healing. When we hear deeply from others, we also accept ourselves more fully. Doing this regularly every week helps us be our better selves more consistently.


Participants in the Circle over the past few weeks have confirmed this:

  • “The most valuable was realness of the conversations and connection.”
  • “It made me see our commonalities and made me feel less alone with my feelings.”
  • “Truly coming free of expectations and notes to be taken… simply and fully showing up to be present …”
  • “Having the space to feel into what is happening within myself and being witnessed by others.”
  • “It’s hard to explain. It was like magic.”

For who?

Our meetings are designed for anyone who wants to take a leadership role in the world. We are open to people who have a sincere aspiration to develop more powerful listening and empathy while being open and vulnerable to others. Mostly we are coaches, consultants, managers, artists, healers and meditators based in Hong Kong and we are open to all who share our intentions.


We start by slowing down and getting present with a guided self-awareness practice. Then we follow these instructions for conversations in groups of 2 or 3. We close with a full group sharing, always ending promptly.


The world needs us now more than ever to be at our best, to stand for wise and compassionate actions in the world and to envision a world which surpasses our expectations for beauty and love. I trust that together, in solidarity and with empathetic understanding of our diversity and uniqueness, we will move in this direction much more clearly and powerfully than we would alone.

Next Steps

Please register through the following links.

  1. Wednesday July 8, 11am to noon
  2. Thursday July 16, noon to 1pm
  3. Wednesday July 22, 11am to noon

After registering, you will receive instructions on how to join the meeting on Zoom.

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Thank you for joining me as a co-creator of empathy and solidarity.

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