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Suddenly the world has changed and we are faced with massive disruptions to our daily lives. At the same time, change brings huge opportunities to transform for the better. But how can we consistently and continuously stay well –really well, so that we can make the best possible decisions and take the most potent actions during this time of such uncertainty?

I have realized from my own experiences of the last few months that those of us who are supporting others need even more support ourselves these days, whether we are coaches, leaders, managing others, or as parents. The changes in our lives, the uncertainty, the isolation, the free time or extreme demands, financial pressures and closeness to family are all surfacing all kinds of personal matters that we can heal and process now, if we have the right support and community. Being at our best is the most fundamental positive contribution we can make to the whole.

To consistently be at our best, we need regular non-judgmental, confidential, open sharing and listening. And as self-development practitioners of all kinds, we have the capacity to provide this for each other, given an environment of empathy and solidarity. We cannot do this ourselves, but we can co-create it.


That’s why I’m now hosting weekly 1-hour video calls with the intentions:

1) To create support for each other
2) To strengthen our emotional capacity to support others and to make wise decisions
3) To do this as an efficient weekly online group practice

The theory behind this kind of interaction is that when we pay attention with loving acceptance to our feelings and emotions, they move. This means we get unstuck and feel better. Paying attention in this way requires us to slow down, which is also soothing and healing. When we hear deeply from others, we also accept ourselves more fully. Doing this regularly every week helps us be our better selves more consistently.


Participants in the Circle over the past few weeks have confirmed this:

  • “The most valuable was realness of the conversations and connection.”
  • “It made me see our commonalities and made me feel less alone with my feelings.”
  • “Truly coming free of expectations and notes to be taken… simply and fully showing up to be present …”
  • “Having the space to feel into what is happening within myself and being witnessed by others.”

For who?

Our meetings are open to people who have a sincere aspiration to develop more powerful listening and empathy while being open and vulnerable to others. Mostly we are coaches, consultants, managers, artists, healers and meditators based in Hong Kong and we are open to all who share our intentions.


Hong Kong time, GMT +8

  • First and third Thursdays at 12 noon
  • Second and fourth Wednesdays at 11am

We meet for one hour promptly so you can slot this event into your day.


The world needs us now more than ever to be at our best, to stand for wise and compassionate actions in the world and to envision a world which surpasses our expectations for beauty and love. I trust that together, in solidarity and with empathetic understanding of our diversity and uniqueness, we will move in this direction much more clearly and powerfully than we would alone.

Next Steps

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Thank you for joining me as a co-creator of empathy and solidarity.

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