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Peace-for-Paris-400x222The tragedies in Paris 2015 provoked in me a flurry of reading in my attempt to make some sense from the pain. This article is a guide to some of the best thought leadership I discovered on the topic of global terrorism.

As I take the view of a responsible global citizen (I’m not saying I always take that view), I want to know how I caused this conflict and how I can think and direct my attention in ways that support its resolution in the long run. I am so grateful for the time, freedom and connections that give me access to so many different perspectives on global issues. Here are my biggest insights.

Insight 1: There is even more pain.

There is even more pain and suffering in the world every day than we know. The organizations who spend the most time and money on directing our attention (businesses, and governments) do not want us to know about all this pain. It would distract us from the simpler more self-absorbed solutions they are directing us to. Even though it hurts to look at the truth of this suffering, if we want to grow up, we must broaden our view.

Selective Empathy: Terrorist Attacks Rock Paris, Public Response to Tragedy Is Typically Disproportionate
By Daniel DeLafe

Insight 2: The global economic system must change.

What are the sources of terrorism? One of them is the global spread of commercial marketing that creates emotional needs for consumer goods and romanticizes western lifestyles while disparaging all kinds of local, more sustainable lifestyles. To reverse this trend we need to evolve a new economic system based on sustainability rather than on endless growth at the expense of environmental and social values.

How Globalization Fuels Terrorism and Fundamentalism
By Helena Norberg-Hodge

Insight 3: We must start by moving together, not against.

The only way to reduce the pain is to do all we can to help those who are suffering. If we only move to protect ourselves, we will be making a historic mistake. It is a moral, economic and political imperative that we follow the example of history’s most inspiring leaders to help those in need.

Paris: Shifting the Heart of the Collective
By Otto Scharmer

Do you share these opinions? Are there crucial pieces missing from these views?

I believe millions of people worldwide share at least the opinion that we must move together, not against. And that brings me great hope and excitement as we enter a new stage of human civilization.