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I’m currently reading “Collapse -How Society’s Choose to Fail or Survive” by Jared Diamond and it’s really waking me up! Environmental sustainability is the big issue for our generation. So it’s timely that I’ve discovered a couple of tools to help us reduce our impact on the environment. Please see if you can help too.

WWF Seafood Guide

This compact guide to seafood in Hong Kong makes it easy to make environmentally-sound decisions when you buy seafood in markets or restaurants. What a great idea! This is an easy way to leverage your power as a consumer to make the world a better place.

Pick up the free Guide at 360 Foodstore in the Landmark, or print your copy from the WWF website.

Top 10 Ways to Go Green in the Office

Here’s some great information from Conservation International on easy ways to save energy and contribute to our sustainable future. Can you complete 5 out of 10? Or 10 out of 10?