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One of the most efficient ways to improve your coaching is to witness great coaching. Yet there are very few opportunities to do so. My students of coaching are hungry to see demonstrations, but class time is short and once the training is over, there’s no chance to watch experienced coaches in action.

The world needs demonstration more than it needs teaching.~ Wallace D. Wattles from The Science of Being Great


Another key to being an excellent coach is to receive great coaching. It’s time that coaches in Hong Kong had the chance to both witness and receive coaching with their peers. Starting in July 2010, I will offer some sample group coaching programs for coaches so that you can:

  1. get coaching on all aspects of your coaching practice
  2. watch and learn from others receiving coaching
  3. benefit from high quality coaching at reasonable rates
  4. be immersed in shared learning and development with a small group of coaches

If enough people sign-up and like this format, then I will run a series of sessions so that small groups of coaches can come together for a longer period of support. I wonder how many of you will like this format? Will you give it a try?

How will group coaching help me build my coaching practice? These sessions will help you in four ways:

  1. By becoming a more masterful coach through observing masterful coaching,  you’ll attract higher quality clients, retain your clients longer, get more referrals and stronger testimonials.
  2. You’ll set goals for your coaching practice and start taking steps to achieve those goals. With the group’s support, you’ll be able to reach your goals more effectively than you would on your own.
  3. By experiencing high quality coaching, you’ll find more ways to use coaching in all parts of your life.
  4. There is no better way to convince your clients of the value of coaching than through your own investment in coaching.

Why is Angela Spaxman the right coach to lead this group?

  • I am one of very few coaches in Hong Kong with more than 10 years of full time experience in both corporate and personal coaching. I have more than 2500 hours of coaching experience.
  • I am passionate about coaching and committed to the expansion of coaching worldwide into all aspects of society for the benefit of all as demonstrated by more than 9 years of volunteer leadership service with the Hong Kong International Coaching Community and the International Association of Coaching. I want to support new coaches to make an impact in their communities.
  • I am experienced in coaching coaches. I’ve coached more than 30 individual coaches.
  • I am well grounded in coaching groups. (In the early 2000’s, I used to run a group coaching series called the Personal Foundation Program. I’ve used group coaching methods in my coach training programs with HKU since 2005 and in numerous corporate training programs.)

From Pandora Woo, participant on July 8: “During the session, each participant took turns to be coached by Angela, while others observed the process as spectators. We got the benefit of being coached, which is learning more about ourselves through the issues that we have chosen to discuss.  At the same time, through observing Angela coaching other participants, we learned about coaching skills in practice, and not only that, we also gained an expanded vision by listening to others’ issues and how each participant comes up with their own realization.  The process is most inspiring.”

Requirements: Participants must have completed a coach training course and must be managers using a coach approach, coaches-in-training or professional coaches. Minimum 3 and maximum 5 participants.

Fees: HK$1500 per live in-person session or HK$800 per conference call session

Choose one or more of these live in-person meetings:

Group Coaching Sample Session 1 –FULL
6:00pm to 7:30pm, Thursday July 8

Group Coaching Sample Session 2
7:00pm to 8:30pm, Wednesday July 14

Group Coaching Sample Session 3
12:30pm to 2:00pm, Monday July 19

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For those who prefer the convenience and value of telephone coaching, choose a teleconference session:

Group Coaching Sample Session 5
11:00am to 12:30pm Tuesday July 20
On a telephone conference call

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If you’re keen, but these times don’t work for you, please let me know!Do you have a small group of friends who would like to be coached together? Let me know and we’ll come up with a special deal.It will be great fun to work with a small group of coaches to see every one of you bringing more quality coaching services into the world. Great things happen when coaches get together!