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I’ve decided to re-run Coach U’s premier personal development program this fall, 2010. One of my past participants requested it;  I ran this program 7 times in Hong Kong between 2001 and 2004. Now is a good time to get back to basics and offer this rewarding program again.

Many of my clients are starting  new directions for their lives and needing to rebuild their foundations in order to do that. With the ever-increasing pace of change in the world, it’s no wonder that people need to re-group, re-assess and re-design the basics of their lives from time to time so that they can keep moving forward strongly. It is especially necessary for people who have an urge to be successful and make a difference.

This program, the Personal Foundation Program, is for people who are feeling overwhelmed, directionless, bored, unclear or under-confident. They may be undecided about their career direction, frustrated by their lack of progress, or even gearing up for a big change that they know will require a lot of them.

The Program is a structured way to take a look at all aspects of your life’s foundation. With the support of a small group and an experienced coach, participants redesign and rebuild their foundations so that by the end of the program they feel clear, confident and satisfied that they are heading in the right direction and with the resources they need to be  successful and fulfilled.

I’ve seen these results many times before with this program and I’m really looking forward to doing it again with a small group of special people. Who will join me?