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I’ve learned a new way of looking at human capability which is relevant for anyone keen to develop themselves.  I’m sure you’ve heard of IQ, a measure commonly used to assess individual intelligence. And probably you’ve also come across EQ, a term and model popularized by Daniel Goleman in the 1990′s.

In most of our lives, the two most commonly known intelligences, IQ and EQ are undeniably important. As Cindy Wigglesworth of Deep Change pointed out to me, there are also two more measures of capability that complete a more comprehensive view of what is required for substantial achievement in the current age.  One of those, Physical Intelligence or PQ, reminds me of the crucial impact of my physical vitality on all my other capabilities. The other, Spiritual Intelligence or SQ, points to the higher levels of personal development that are a requirement for success at the highest levels of leadership in a globalized and rapidly changing world.

What exactly are these four types of intelligence?

IQ is essentially our ability to think; to use our brains.

EQ is divided into four ways of using our emotions: 1) awareness of our own emotions, 2) awareness of others’ emotions, 3) ability to manage our own emotions and 4) ability to work with other people’s emotions.

PQ refers to our ability to use our bodies effectively. For most of us it means we are nourished by our food, we have sufficient energy and vitality, we suffer few aches and pains, we can sleep sufficiently. In short, our physical selves fully support our other capabilities. Of course, athletes take PQ to much higher levels.

SQ is described as a combination of wisdom and compassion that is evident in the highest known levels of development. (Many models describe those higher levels of development including Kegan, Beck, Laske, Wilbur and others.) It has nothing to do with religious or spiritual practices per se, although those practices are designed in general to raise SQ.

In terms of evolutionary development, PQ is first (the first to evolve), while SQ is last (and clearly dependent on all the previous levels). Yet this year I see these two as the secrets to my success.

Why PQ and SQ are important now

While my PQ is mostly sufficient (I sleep, eat and move well!), I’ve noticed that even low levels of physical discomfort disrupt my ability to manage my thinking and emotions. Like many people, I believed that there is a certain minimum level of physical well-being that will support all the higher levels of functioning that I desire. Now I am experimenting with the idea that a higher level of physical well-being will allow me to increase my IQ, EQ and SQ.

As a professional coach, I have been intently concerned with developing my EQ over the past decade. I am now very interested in the concept and development of SQ. Having experienced global leadership roles and coached many global leaders, I have noticed how important both IQ and EQ are to leadership effectiveness. Since global leadership requires that we  emotionally connect and intellectually influence great numbers of diverse people, IQ and EQ alone are not sufficient. It is truly the wisdom and compassion of SQ that are needed. My favorite leadership books and mentors reflect this thinking when they write about servant leadership, synchronicity, transformational leadership and more.

And so in 2011, my intention is to focus on developing my PQ and SQ. And I’m already starting…

In mid-February I will be co-leading the ‘New Foundation Retreat” where we will spend 4 days rejuvenating our bodies through superfood detox, massage, yoga, life coaching and other treats. On the optional 5th day of the retreat, having revitalized our bodies, we will guide participants in a ‘meditation marathon’ to dive into the quiet internal depths of peace where the roots of wisdom and compassion can be found.

If PQ is an important component of your personal development plan this year, I hope you will consider the opportunity to join this unique retreat.