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One of the things I appreciate about my work is that I can choose when, where and how I get the job done. Of course I am guided by what's required to serve my clients. But all the decisions and consequences about how I work are my own.

Many of my clients also want autonomy in their work. Autonomy allows them to create more balance in their lives and to maximize their effectiveness. It makes them feel free.

I encourage you to take more autonomy. If you are working in an organization, it's possible to ask for the flexibility you need by suggesting schedules and policies that are reasonable and that are smart ways to do business. Don't complain; create solutions. Some of my clients have been pleasantly surprised when they asked for things they had assumed were off limits.

If you are your own boss, you can also give yourself more choice. Relax your inner policies, pay attention to what is important and allow yourself the flexibility to work in rhythm with your needs and your life.

How would more choice make your life better?