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A friend of mine asked me, can one be too self-aware? My answer is no… but.

I think the more we know about ourselves, the more powerful we become. By learning precisely about our own strengths, weaknesses, values and preferences, we learn how to make the most of the human equipment we have been given for this life.

It is especially useful to learn about our strengths and preferences because with that information we can achieve whatever we want more easily and with more enjoyment. Each of us is unique and the better we know ourselves the more we can engage ourselves in the unique life’s work that is perfect for us.

Our weaknesses too are important to ignore. They keep us humble, let us understand the value of those who are different to us — those who are strong where we are weak, and give us reasons to collaborate with other people. They also point to our strengths, since our biggest weaknesses are also our strengths.

As we continue through our lives to explore who we are, we find a never-ending inquiry. We can never know ourselves completely because we are always changing and our situations also change continually. We are always at a disadvantage because we cannot see ourselves. We need to view ourselves through other people in order to understand.

Beyond how other people see you, the biggest gift in raising your self-awareness is in exploring the inner realms of who you are, that no one can see for you. You can ask yourself, “who is the ‘I’ who speaks to me in my head?”; “who is the one who knows what I am thinking?”

At the deepest levels of exploring who we are, we find that we are not ourselves at all. When you reflect on who is the one who is observing, At the heart of each of us we are connected to each other, and we are connected to the power and inspiration behind all life. It can be very motivating to know what infinite power and goodness is within you. By knowing yourself well, you can know exactly how you yourself express a particular aspect of life and how you can allow that to shine at its brightest.


Many people avoid knowing themselves because they are afraid of what they will find. They do not yet understand that they really are perfect exactly as they are. Our faults are neither good nor bad. They are merely reality. All our faults have also an equal greatness and good side to them, their flip side.

So when learning more about yourself, it is necessary to do it with warmth and appreciation. It can take practice for people who tend to be self-critical. There are many ways to develop the ability to accept and appreciate yourself including:

– creating a “mutual appreciation society” with some friends
– repeating positive affirmations,
– using guided meditation recordings to guide your thinking
– meditation, praying or otherwise connecting to the deep perfection and peace of reality,
– using psychological means to change the root fears that cause negative self-talk,
– seeing yourself as if you are a small child whose weaknesses are part of his/her beauty.

People who know themselves well have also learned to accept themselves and by extension others. There is tremendous attractiveness in that. Try it and you will love yourself and your life even more.