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Want the perfect job?

I’m very excited to launch a new website with my associate Carole Lewis. We are offering career coaching to experienced managers and professionals in Asia who want to have the perfect job.

The perfect job? I’m talking about the perfect job in the broadest sense. It could mean no job, but meaningful work to do! It could mean working for yourself, just as much as it could mean working in a large organization.

Getting the perfect job could mean changing your workplace or your career, it could mean managing your workplace relationships differently, or it could simply mean developing something within yourself that lets you experience the perfection of the job you currently have.

The website explains the services offered, and also includes a 5-day e-course (no charge) that will guide you through a few key steps forgetting the work you love.

We would love to have you join the e-course and see what you think. Is it meaningful and provocative enough to move you into action? Go to www.loving-your-work.com.