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Kung hei fat choy!

The tiger represents courage, power and passion. Which of those will drive your life this year?

I took a break from writing this blog over the last few months, mainly because I’ve been focused on a bigger project related to coaching and its value to the world. You may guess (correctly) that this has something to do with the International Association of Coaching where I was the President for the last two years. I’ll be writing more about this in the coming few months.

I’ve been interacting instead through my Facebook Fan page. I really love that format …Every day I am learning something related to career fulfillment, success and leadership, and sharing it with hundreds of friends. It’s so easy to learn and interact regularly, efficiently and impactfully. At least I think so! Have you visited yet?

Back to the tiger, I wholeheartedly wish that you and I will know our passions with empowering clarity such that we have the courage to follow-through with gusto in 2010.