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Here’s a quick run-down of my current business projects.

Coach Training for Emerson Electric

The major project in early 2014 has been delivering coach training to managers at the Emerson Asia Pacific group of companies. I’ve been so fortunate to enlist Carole Lewis to work with me to design and deliver three workshops and a 6-month teleconference series to support both Human Resources Managers and Line Managers to move towards a coaching approach. Carole keeps piquing my interest with her steady enquiry into how to support these managers as efficiently as possible, to successfully use coaching with both their peers and their subordinates. It is a very big shift in thinking and acting for many managers in Asia. And we are excited to see the enthusiasm for coaching in our most committed students.

Team Building

It was really fun to spend a day with the small team of a boutique property investment firm. They created a colourful and inspiring list of their shared values. And I have never seen such an amazing array of complimentary scores in one of their Harrison Assessments Team Paradox Graphs. Each individual in the team plays a role in letting them take risks, avoid risks and analyze the downside of those risks in perfect balance.

The Leadership Circle Profile

I am thrilled and honoured to be involved in a long term culture development project at VF Corp. using The Leadership Circle Profile as the model for developing senior leadership to a more creative style of leadership. In this project, I’m working with and supported by Acumen Global Partners and I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from them, work in a very accomplished team and learn through the coaching process from a diverse collection of clients.

Mindfulness Training with The Potential Project

The latest 8-week Mindfulness at Work program is coming to an end and the group dynamic has been better than ever. One of my executive coaching colleague referred a few of her clients to the program and here’s what she had to say:

“What a gift you and your partner are offering to the executives in the mindfulness training.  I noted such behavioural changes in the executives who are attending your class.  They have found the training most valuable.” —Angie Wong, Executive Coach

Loving Your Work Website Re-launch

Our career coaching website is finally re-launched with a new look and better technology. We really want to offer career coaching services more widely in Hong Kong. In these days of intense pressure inside corporations,   many people can use a relief valve to process their stresses and make better decisions for their careers and lives. If you know anyone who might like our help, please send them to our new site. Thank you.

Making Space

My musings in this quarter have been about the value of space, especially mental space in the current intensity of working life in Hong Kong. Are you valuing the space in your life? Read on here…