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‘ve unleashed some projects that I’ve been anticipating for ages. Some of the results are now here: an unprecedented stream of short articles, and a commitment for more! I hope you enjoy and benefit from my increased communications.

Loving Your Work is on Facebook!

I’ve made a commitment (to myself) to write and share more regularly with those interested in loving their work. I really want to spread the messages more widely that:

1) you CAN love your work and

2) when you love what you do, you contribute the best of yourself and thereby make the world a better place. In other words, there is meaning and significance in all work, especially when it is an expression of your best self.

Facebook has emerged as the venue for this work and I’m gradually collecting a Fan Club there. I like the playfulness and convenience of Facebook and I find it really exciting to connect and build a common conversation with lovers of work worldwide! If you’re on Facebook already, please drop by and if you like the conversation, become a fan. I’m posting tips, questions and reminders that are always positive and relevant to you loving your work more.

Loving Your Work :: career fulfillment and success on Facebook

If you don’t do Facebook,you might want to subscribe to the feed at my blog since I plan to post much more frequently there as well. (See “Syndicate”, or “Receive Blog Updates” in the left hand column near the top.)

Another project is coming to fruition regarding the future of the coaching industry. So if coaching is important to you, as it is to me, you might be interested to take part in a series of conversations with the aim to envision the future of coaching, sponsored by the International Association of Coaching (where I am currently the President). Check this link for more info on these webinars  running from August to October 2009.

I’m very excited about my commitment to connect with you more frequently and to create together more meaningful results:  for you, your career, for enlightened leadership and if you are a coach, for our industry.