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Welcome and thank you for joining me here at my brand new blog! I want to tell you why I’ve started this, who it’s for and what to expect.

Why a Blog?

I intend to use this blog to better serve you, my clients, contacts and friends by making it easier to browse and read my writings while allowing you to interact with me and other readers through commentary on the articles. I hope it will help me serve you better as I’ll get more feedback on what articles you are reading, or not reading and what prompts your interest.

Who are the Readers?

This blog is for a certain kind of person. My readers are internationally minded: cosmopolitan. They have lived in different countries and cultures and they are curious about the differences. They’ve learned that the culture they grew up in has advantages and limitations, as do all the other cultures they have encountered. And so they are striving to create a new culture, their own, that is the best combination of all. Many of them live in Hong Kong, as I do.

My readers are leaders of all kinds. Many are managers, executives and business owners. Many hold big visions for the results of their leadership in business and in larger ways. They are working towards making the world a better place in their particular way.

My readers are also leaders of their own lives. They are figuring out how to love what they do to a greater extent. They might be letting go of managerial leadership aspirations to focus on their strengths. Or they could be growing in particular ways in order to lead more effectively. The more they find passion in their jobs, the bigger the thrill of it, the more they are contributing to the world as a whole. And that’s why I love supporting them however I can.

What’s Coming?

I intend to continue writing much as I have been over the past few years, that is:

-one article per month, specifically for managers and leaders about how to use coaching skills and attitudes to be more effective;
-notices of interesting events and offers in Hong Kong related to business, career and personal development.

My writings will also be broadcast through email, as you have come to expect.

And as I experiment with blogging, perhaps the style and timing of my writing will evolve in response to your input. I hope so!