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After 11 years in coaching and many more years of developing myself, I’ve come up with a list of my favorite tools for many aspects of self-development. These are the tools I regularly recommend to my clients. These are the suggestions I will press on the people I care about.

Of course every tool has its purpose and style. These particular tools suit the most common needs of my clients and match my approach.

I’ve probably forgotten some. I most easily remember the most appropriate tools when one of my clients or friends is explaining some current problem. These are the tools I recommend most frequently.

For developing leadership skills:
Leadership Development Package (using Harrison Assessments)

For making career changes:
Career Change Package (using Harrison Assessments)

For resolving unwanted emotional reactions:

Feeling into the Core of the Feeling

This is a simple method based on the basic facts about emotions and the physical body. Some people have trouble figuring this out, but I can guide you. It is a fantastically useful tool for a lifetime of use.

The Breakthrough Experience

Again, it’s useful to have a guide to help you through this process, although experienced personal developers can navigate the process by themselves. It is particularly useful for relationship problems.

Emotional Freedom Technique

This process is a little to strange for some people, but it is explained very thoroughly in this inexpensive book and it works.

Timeline Therapy from Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

For this process you need a guide or practice partner. I experienced it during my NLP practitioners training and found it very useful. I don’t have a single reference to give you, but it is widely available in NLP circles.

Mindfulness Training

We like to think that we control our minds, but in reality, our minds are usually controlling us for example by distracting us or worrying us.  The long term and perhaps the only solution to this problem is to train our minds, just like exercising them, to do as we bid them. Mindfulness training is a simple and regular practice that I am certified to teach through The Potential Project, specialists in Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training. Contact me for more information.

The Holosync Meditation Program

These meditation CDs quickly allow you to practice deep meditation easily so that you can experience all the well-documented  benefits quickly. Several of my clients, friends and family members have had excellent results including reduced worries and stress, increased happiness, improved sleep and more balanced moods.

For getting to sleep
(and also for resolving emotional issues):
The Holosync Meditation Program

For getting through difficult changes:
The NeedLess Program -This is a simple process but powerful process, licensed by Coach U, which I offer to my coaching clients.

For developing public speaking and communication skills:
Toastmasters Clubs

For learning to coach as a manager:
I would just recommend the first program available that suits your schedule and preferences. There are many good choices. For current options in Hong Kong, follow this link.

For learning to coach at a masterful level:
International Association of Coaching certification process

And of course, having a coach to inspire you and support you is hugely valuable for any of the major changes you make in your life.

Please contact me if you’d like my support with any of these methods.

Updated June 2011